ZenMed Solutions Inc., is a pioneer in providing leading and innovative healthcare solutions to physicians across the country. Started in 2002 for physicians serving the Orange County and the Los Angeles county California, ZenMed today has over 200 physicians in 20 states. The key for our growth has always been our most successful model, “Virtual In-house Billing”.

The model not only gives our clients the advantage of in – house like experience but also significant savings on the cost like being outsourced.

Our goal had been and will be the same ever, “Making life simpler for every physician by taking away their reimbursement burden and let them do their job of serving and saving mankind”. We always work towards maximizing your revenue by looking at every claim we bill on your behalf, by helping you achieve your financial goals as we understand the fact, “Our revenue is directly proportional to your revenue”.

At ZenMed we not only educate our team continually about the updates in the billing and technology, but also our clients letting them know about the change in codes, usage of modifiers, coverage guidelines so they are abreast with the happenings. We train your staff with any new technologies we discover to make you office function flawlessly.

Our facility and security standards are always set to meet the HIPPA guidelines as we know what your PHI means to you. You can read on our HIPPA statement to find out more.