The practice of sending patient statements is missing in a lot of practices these days. When asked about this to a few doctors who did not want us to bill patients they said that sending bills were costing more and the money recovered was less.

Today these doctors are happy as they found a new and efficient alternative which works out better and minimize their losses. At ZenMed we created a rather easier and compliant way of communicating with the patients thru secure emails and patient portals.

With the advancement in technology today it is easier to deliver their statements thru email and get paid on the portal online. Electronic patient statements have proved 50% more efficient than the traditional mailing as there have always been 10 out of 100 returning as bad address. Sending these statements out electronically you need not worry about the cost of printing and the postage.

Also this gives us an opportunity to know if the patient has received the statement as we get the delivery receipt. We are into the practice of sending a list of patients who owes you a balance every month for you to review and approve the statement s that needs to be sent. Once approved we send these out electronically or if you insist thru regular mail. This model has always proved to be effective as the patients get the bills quickly and pay on it.