How do you get to know what is the status of your practice without proper reports. Most of our clients have been ignorant about their status of the practice as they never had the time to run reports or look into them. The reason is lack of time and knowledge about the practice management system.

They were all shocked to see their practice analysis reports that we had done for them. They then realized the amount of money they were losing every month. All that they knew was that they was how much they were getting paid as that is what gets into their banks.

With ZenMed we send you customized report that suits your requirements every month showing all the numbers you want. We understand that some would want to see this weekly, some even daily. However your requirements are we tailor the reports and deliver it to you when and how you need it.

We also train our clients how to access these on their practice management system and where and how to track their status of the practice each month.

Our report has all the information you need to know your practice

  • Charges Entered
  • Payments – Insurance
  • Payments – Patients
  • Adjustments – Contractual
  • Current Outstanding – Aging wise
  • Current Outstanding – Payer wise
  • Current outstanding – Patient wise
  • The complete outstanding report with the status of each claim in detail.
  • Most used CPT codes

With these and more you have all you need just when you need it.

Getting these reports and reviewing these on time keeps you always informed about the practice and you know that thing are under control.