Charge capture is the first and most critical element of the revenue cycle. There has to be a reliable way for capturing charges without which providers can lose a lot of money. At ZenMed we know where to have the check points to make sure each patient seen is billed to the insurance in a timely manner.

Even if you forget to sign off on the charts or scan in the super bills we constantly keep reminding you for the same. Not only that we check your appointment report and your tally sheet for the day against the charges received electronically or the super bills and ask you for patients missing to confirm if they were no-shows or cancelations so that every patient of yours is tracked.

We send you weekly reports on the charges billed and the pending charges that need to be reviewed. These can be missing or invalid Dx codes or CPT’s or patients missing insurance information, or what may it be we let you know so that the claim may be filed and you get paid at the earliest.