There are so many reasons for you to look at transitioning to a new practice management system. Your current product may have grown outdated, May be you aren’t happy with the features and functionality of your current system, or the software has been sunsetted and isn’t updating up with the ongoing changes as per the payers demands.

The only reason that stops you from going to a better software is the pain involved in getting the data from the system that you used all these years into the new system and of course the fact that it should not be affecting your payment flow.

Things we do before transition:

  • Planning is the most important factor for a successful transition. We need to start well in advance of the end date for the old software as we need to have both the systems running live for the first few days.
  • We split the transition into different phases. We first migrate the existing demographic information of your patients into the new system and enter all charges in the new system from the day it is set live.
  • We bring in all the outstanding insurance and the patient balances manually as sometimes the automation is not perfect and does not match the database format especially if the one you are using is old.
  • Once the open claims are entered we connect with the insurance to check the status on these claims and update you on the same. We collect anything that is within the filing limit of the payers.
  • We send out statements on all the patient balances immediately as it would be easier for us to explain the reason if the patient calls when will still have access to the old software.

The time involved in this process might vary depending on the volume of the data to be brought into the new software and the availability of exporting the current data electronically.

However our success stories in this is numerous.