Payment posting involves posting of ERA’s and EOB’s received from the insurances reporting the payment on each claim. This is done after crosschecking the deposits to make sure the amount received in the ERA and the amount deposited in your bank are same.

Posting an ERA may sound simple to many as it is just a click of a button. The truth is there are so many complications that can possibly arise when auto posting the payments. There is always a manual review needed to fix the errors in auto posting when a claim or line is zero paid.

Our team is trained not only to fix this, but also cross check that every claim gets paid as per the fee schedule on file ensuring this would help us catch any underpayment.

Any balance to secondary or to patient is being billed immediately. This ensures that the claim is complete and there is no claim that is pending without action.

Although it seems simple enough, this is an extremely important aspect of the revenue cycle. This process effects many other functions of revenue cycle and can have a severe impact on patient satisfaction and overall financial performance.