Getting you enrolled for electronic data interchange with each payer is a very important task. This process might differ with each software, each payer and each clearing house. Most of the software vendors today offer assistance in getting you enrolled for the EDI. But little do they tell you that you need to do all the paper work for these.

With our experience we know what each clearing house and each payers require. We fill these forms up with very little inputs from you and all we want you to do is sign these.

In case of migration into a new software we make sure the whole process is set and the testing is done before we start with the new system.

The reason for going electronic is that you claims get into the insurance systems for processing within 24 hrs from submission resulting in payments being issued in 14 days. Enrollment for EDI, ERA and EFT is all going to help get you paid faster.

We always advice our clients to sign up for these as the process is quick and it minimizes the use of paper at office there by making it easy to comply with HIPPA.